Heather Drake-Bianchi

Founder/Critical Care Paramedic

A Syracuse native, Heather earned her Master of Science in Human Anatomy & Physiology in 2014 from NYCC and her bachelors in Biomedical Sciences in 2009 from RIT.

Heather spent sixteen years working in critical care medicine both within the United States and for five years outside of the country. Heather began as an urban-based paramedic in a high-volume system. Heather has served as a paramedic for National Geographic, Remote Medical International, as well as Ocean Classroom Foundation. Heather has assisted in Search and Rescue efforts within Hurricanes Katrina, Irene, and Sandy. Heather also worked extensively in the classroom. She has brought her passion for education to local EMS agencies, Upstate Medical University's Paramedic Program, and RIT's Gross Anatomy program.

When COVID-19 was beginning to cross over into the United States, Heather recognized the glaring need to keep people working. Having created a successful Set Medic business, she began looking into ways to provide rapid, on-site testing. Heather created a standard that went far-beyond anything previously used. Heather was able to provide functional on-site rapid COVID-19 screening, testing, and compliance. Despite numerous ever-changing requirements by multiple production heads, film unions, and federal agencies, Heather adapted her business model without compromising standards. This proved to protect the workers and keep production going.


Hundreds of tests performed each day with no interruption to work flow has been the gold standard set by CineMedics thanks to Heather’s leadership and vision.


Rich Nuzzo

Chief Operations Officer/OSHA Compliance Officer/RN/EMT-B

A.A.S Nursing

A Syracuse native, Richard earned his Associates Degree in Nursing from Crouse Hospital School of nursing (now Pomeroy College of Nursing) in 2009. He is currently working on his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Chamberlain College of Nursing with a projected graduation of 2021. He has spent the past 11 years providing critical care medicine in a variety of roles in Upstate New York.  


He has developed his leadership skills from his over five years of experience working as a Charge Nurse and managing a multifaceted team in a high-paced Emergency Department in Syracuse. In the leadership role, he had to coordinate the movements and flow of over 120 patients and staff at any given moment in time. Richard has worked in a high-pressure, chaotic, and highly dynamic environment and has used that experience in his role at CineMedics. He strives to empower his team members to work together, balancing their strengths and weaknesses to deliver the best solutions to any situation.


For the past three years, he has been working as a Traveling Nurse in Emergency Departments across Upstate New York.  Work as a Traveling Nurse has honed his skills of adapting quickly to new environments and creating rapid rapport with all levels of staff.  For the past ten years, he has also been serving his community as a volunteer EMT with his local ambulance service and fire department. Currently, he is working on his Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine to showcase his ever-growing experiences and knowledge base in providing care.

Richard's production experience includes being a Set Medic, Set Medic Coordinator, Supply Coordinator, and COVID-19 testing and screening hundreds of workers a day. He enjoys taking his 11 years of critical care experience and skills and applying that knowledge base in providing care to the film production industry. 

Rich researched, sourced, and obtained the plant-based hospital-grade disinfectant that CineMedics CNY uses for its sanitation and disinfection. He serves as Co-Chief Operating Officer, OSHA Compliance Officer, and all-around craftsman for whatever the company needs in order to get the job done. If there is a way to do something, Rich will find it, implement it, and perfect it! He personifies the hard work and dedication that CineMedics demands from all of its staff.

Molly Dunegan May Photo.jpg

Molly Dunegan

Technical Consultant/Lead Scientist

Not a native to anywhere except the “East Coast” specifically, Molly spent her childhood growing up near Washington, D.C. but has lived in six states since then. She got her B.S. in Forensic Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA before moving to Syracuse, NY to get her Master's degree in Biomedical Forensic Science. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA, as she has grown to prefer the warm-weather states. 

Molly worked for the Department of Defense in Atlanta before making the switch to CineMedics full time. She was able to dedicate several months of her career as a COVID scientist at Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center, conducting lab tests of nasopharyngeal swabs to detect coronavirus presence on three different scientific platforms. Her team was able to personally conduct over 16,000 tests during their mission in an effort to aid the national pandemic crisis.

While in Syracuse, NY, Molly conducted two years of research in a Forensic DNA lab for phylogenetic size-based cell separation intended for use in various scientific fields, which is now patent-pending and in the publication process. While employed as a Teacher’s Assistant at Syracuse University, she had the opportunity to present research at the North Eastern Annual Forensic Science (NEAFS) conference. In more recent news, through the cooperation of DoD entities, she gladly accepted the invitation and challenge to gain more knowledge of every available instrument and platform for COVID testing. 

Initially, Molly worked as a professional consultant to CineMedics bringing her years of scientific research and expertise to our field operations before joining the full-time staff. Molly leads the scientific advances at CineMedics, bringing cutting-edge research and techniques to our clients through custom-designed mobile laboratories.  Her guidance has been instrumental in proving the reliability of these new products. Her diligence has led to increased health and safety of all crew and cast members. 

Molly is overseeing the next phase of CineMedics’ continued growth, bringing even more clinical laboratory services to the public in both the brick-and-mortar, as well as mobile laboratory setting!


Christian Knutsen


Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Knutsen is a physician dual boarded in both Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services. Originally from Reading, Pennsylvania, Dr. Knutsen obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton College, graduating magna cum laude. For medical school, he attended the Penn State College of Medicine.


After completing a Transitional Year Internship at Lehigh Valley Health Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Dr. Knutsen served as a Flight Surgeon with the 84 th Aeromedical Squadron in Dayton, Ohio, for three years and deployed twice to the Middle East. He returned to Pennsylvania to complete his Emergency Medicine residency and then his fellowship in Emergency Medical Services at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.


Dr. Knutsen started working at Upstate Medical University in 2009 and is now the Associate Program Director of its EMS Fellowship Program, the Medical Director of Upstate’s EMS Educational Programs, and the Medical Director for several BLS and ALS fire departments across Onondaga County. He is excited to work with Cinemedics CNY and bring event medicine and specialized testing to film productions across the country.

Eric Thepsiri Headshot.JPG

Eric Thepsiri

NRP, Field Supervisor/Clinical Technician

Eric is a New England native, a first generation American and the proud son of Laotian refugees. He joins our team with 12 years experience as a prehospital provider working all over the world starting in New England then working his way to Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Ghana, Alaska, the Bering Sea, Eastern Ukraine and most recently the Bahamas. Eric knew he had a passion for patient care early on and received his EMT certification at the age of 16. He went on to the University of Connecticut where he was integral in establishing the University of Connecticut Global Brigades (Uconn GB), which is the world's largest student run non-profit, with over 500 university partners and 25,000 students working to bring sustainable initiatives all over the world. Eric then continued to obtain his paramedic education at Goodwin University's Hartford Hospital Paramedic Program graduating in 2014. 


Eric's background is varied and includes working in traditional paramedic roles in both busy urban and rural settings. He also has experience in medical education, medical contracting, organ donation, austere/remote medicine, private health, executive and concierge medicine. Eric is extremely passionate about patient care and client relations. You can rest assured, Eric will always be providing you and your team with the best experience and care, while ensuring a safe work environment. 


When not at work, Eric enjoys participating in medical humanitarian relief efforts and providing pro-bono medical services abroad. You can also find him lifting in the gym, trying new foods, cooking, fishing, golfing, hiking or lounging near any body of water. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends."

Abbie Webster

Abbie Webster

Operations Manager - West Coast Area

Abbie has always had an aptitude for medicine, organization, and helping others. Predominantly a resident of Syracuse, NY Abbie worked as an EMT in a high-volume urban setting. During this time Abbie helped countless individuals receive quality medical care. Abbie went on to further diversify herself, becoming an Emergency Dispatcher and integral member of the Business Office at the Syracuse Veteran’s Affairs hospital. 


Recruited heavily by the company CEO, Abbie joined CineMedics with the goal of becoming a laboratory specialist. Abbie quickly rose through the ranks of CineMedics, becoming the youngest Field Supervisor and Lab Lead on staff. In this role, Abbie has flourished. Her calm demeanor and fierce work ethic have set her apart as one of the most reliable and versatile members of the CineMedics team. Abbie’s tireless efforts have earned her the respect and admiration of her coworkers and peers. 


Outside of work, Abbie enjoys puzzles of any kind, animals of any variety, and the color black.

Tia Santorelli

Tia Santorelli

Manager - Syracuse / Northeast Area

Tia is a Syracuse, NY native and the oldest of nine children. It should come as no surprise then that she is a very capable multitasker and manager. With over fifteen years of experience managing multiple national chains, Tia is able to take any stressful situation and turn it into productivity.  


Tia’s ability to provide exceptional customer service helped to quickly make her an invaluable asset to the CineMedics team. Tia has provided on-site leadership and planning to large-scale events including the 2021 Syracuse University Commencement, where she coordinated and implemented COVID-19 testing sites over the course of three days. Tia also has transitioned her innate ability to multitask into helping in the lab, processing and tracking samples and results with extreme efficiency. Tia believes in extremely precise planning and preparation. She also believes in letting those around her utilize their strengths, providing an approachable and synergistic management style. 


Tia enjoys working alongside her husband Gary both in the raising of their son, as well as in the field with CineMedics. Whenever she is not working, she is busy spending time with her loving family.

Sarah Headshot.jpg

Sarah Kimmelman

Paramedic, RN

Manager - Southeast Area 

Sarah began her career in medicine as a volunteer EMT at a local fire department and EMS agency. She also went on to earn her NYS Professional Firefighter Certification. Over the next several years, she studied and completed training at Upstate Medical University’s Paramedic Program while continuing to work in EMS. Sarah credits her career as a paramedic with teaching her how to handle
high-stress decision making with lives in the balance.


After more than five years in a high-volume EMS system, Sarah desired to explore collaborative care and further advance her knowledge of medicine. Sarah went on to become a licensed RN and began working as a cardiac nurse, monitoring and treating pre and post-surgical patients. She will graduate with her BSN in June of 2021.

COVID-19 presented a unique opportunity for Sarah. She had worked with CineMedics CNY as a set medic per diem, but recognized that COVID-19 would put many of the people she had cared for out of work. Working closely with CineMedics CNY’s CEO, she helped to implement and organize on-site COVID testing and compliance, concierge medicine, telemedicine, and mobile medical care. She has risen to the occasion on multiple projects, bringing her empathy and clinical experience to each project. 


Karen Carlyle

Field Supervisor/Clinical Technician

Karen is a Syracuse, NY native and graduate of The University at Brockport. She doubled majored in Health Science and Exercise Physiology. While attending university, Karen continued her passion for health and wellness by playing lacrosse for almost 15 years. Karen’s journey brought her to the west coast to coach youth girls lacrosse and spread a love of the game. While coaching, Karen was also a manager of a well-known fitness brand, where she took a stand for personal development and growth. 


Throughout her experience as a coach and manager, Karen took pride in her core values of integrity, loyalty, honesty, and empathy. Her resilience and agility shined as she was able to juggle her life while maintaining strong relationships with her family, friends, players, clients, and herself. Multitasking and strong ethics matched up with what CineMedics strives to do, and in 2021 Karen was presented with an opportunity to shape lives in a different way, keeping people safe from the pandemic.


Her years of customer service, serve Karen well as she continues to utilize these skills and values in her position with CineMedics. She is excited to create new relationships and remain in a team-like environment. 


When not at work, Karen likes to spend time working out and trying new fitness studios. She loves group fitness classes with the electric atmosphere. Another pastime of Karen’s is that she enjoys cooking and experiencing new restaurants and different types of cuisine. She is also a big animal lover and one of her favorite ways to decompress is long walks with her pup Ryder.

Rosario Pic Very casual.JPG

Ryen Rosario

Field Supervisor/Clinical Technician

Ryen was born in the Philippines before becoming a Florida native. Ryen served in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. He has had extensive military medical training ranging from austere field medicine to the Adult/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. 


His military achievements include Enlisted Sailor of The Quarter, Naval Medical Center West runner-up Junior Sailor of The Year, and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. 


Once COVID-19 broke out in the United States, Ryen answered the call, working in New York in the Manhattan area with a small group of veteran special operations medics and civilian providers to help tackle the Pandemic. They set up and ran a field hospital with 200+ beds named after a fallen Navy (SEAL) Ryan Larkin. 


Ryen has decided to use his expertise in medicine/COVID19 and apply it in the production world. Recently he worked as a COVID Compliance Officer and Concierge on a large film in Savannah, GA. He helped successfully combat the virus and achieved zero setbacks for the production company. 


During his free time, Ryen likes to spend time with his Belgium Malinois Freya in the outdoors. He has a passion for photography, specifically urban and portrait photography. When not indulging in delicious food, you can find him in the gym burning off what he ate.


Craig Carlyle

Field Supervisor/Clinical Technician

Craig hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Raised in a hockey family with a pro-athlete father, Craig grew up with a team-first mentality. 

Craig went on to play hockey in college at SUNY Brockport. He graduated with a  Bachelor of Science in Sports Management. After playing minor league hockey for several years, Craig turned his passion and knowledge of the game to coaching. After an accomplished 15 year career in coaching, Craig decided to pursue a career outside of hockey. 

Coming to a team-first environment at CineMedics was a natural transition in which he proved himself quickly adept. Craig has worked with big personalities and amazing talent in the past as a coach, and this leadership skillset was immediately put to good use as he rose through the ranks, becoming a Field Supervisor. Craig has embraced this role with effective teamwork, communication, and excellent customer service. 

Craig still enjoys skating and giving lessons whenever he can. He also enjoys working out and relaxing at a nice dinner. 


Mike Bathen

Field Supervisor/Sanitation Supervisor/Clinical Technician

Mike Bathen has worked in demolition, construction, asbestos abatement, janitorial, and custodial services for over 13 years. He comes to us from Elmcrest Children's Center for neglected children and at-risk families, where he was the custodial department head. Before that, he traveled across most of New York for construction/demotion projects, including the remodel of the VA hospital near Syracuse University and the modernization of the Hotel Syracuse.

Mike recognized the need for versatility and has taken the lead in becoming cross-trained. He has become proficient in testing for COVID-19, health screening, and health documentation. Mike is capable of performing any task the situation has called for and has been multi-tasking extensively.  Day or night, regardless of weather, he has been on call and providing exemplary work in whatever capacity he is asked.


Mike has lived in the Syracuse area for over 20 years. He’s excited to head the disinfection/custodial services for Cinemedics and is looking forward to being able to provide for both the reemerging film industry and local institutions now and in the future.


Dan Taylor

Field Supervisor/Certified Tactical Paramedic

Daniel Taylor has been a pre-hospital medical provider in New York since 2005 with remote medicine experience in British Columbia with The Discovery Channel as a safety guide/medic, on the Bering sea as a vessel medical officer for a commercial fishing vessel, in Iraq as a trauma stabilization point medic in Mosul during the fight against ISIS, in Eastern Ukraine as a remote paramedic for the ceasefire monitoring organization, in Tanzania as a hospital-based advanced practice paramedic, in Greece as a medical team leader/paramedic at a refugee camp, in the Florida Keys as medical team member for an ultramarathon, in Guyana as a remote paramedic and instructor, on the US Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort as a remote paramedic, and as a professional ski patroller. 

Daniel’s production experience includes Set Paramedic, COVID Compliance Officer, Health & Safety Manager, Health & Safety Supervisor, and Risk Management Consultant. He has worked on productions for Warner Media, Apple TV, HGTV, Netflix, and Hulu. 

As an educator Daniel has taught at wilderness, tactical law enforcement, and emergency nursing conferences, instructed members of public safety in tactical medicine through work with the New York State Department of Homeland Security/National Center for Security and Preparedness, trained members of the Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan in Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and delivered Remote Medical International’s full suite of wilderness and austere medicine courses with a specialization in prolonged field care for US Army Special Forces. 

Additionally, Daniel has had original work about delivery of tactical medicine training in austere conditions published in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine (Spring 2019, Volume 19, Edition 1). 

Daniel is certified as a Paramedic, Remote Paramedic, Tactical Paramedic and holds instructor certifications from the American Heart Association, National EMS Educators Association, American Safety Health Institute, and National Association of EMTs.

Ramos Bio Pic.jpg

Shirley Ramos

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

Shirley is a first-generation American raised on the US east coast, as well as in Peru. She obtained her B.S. in Biological Sciences at Florida International University, where she graduated with years of laboratory experience in microbiology as well as genomics.


As reports of COVID-19 cases continued to increase, Shirley moved to California to pursue her career and meet the demand of future scientists. She worked as a lab technician at a biotech company that provided critical reagents for molecular diagnostics and was able to move on to a high-complexity clinical lab that tested large volumes of patient samples for COVID-19 with quick turnover times.


Shirley brings her wealth of COVID-19 knowledge and experience and is looking forward to helping lead the charge as CineMedics expands testing capabilities in the future!


Justus Lacey

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Justus attended SUNY Purchase where he received a bachelor's in fine arts with a major in screenwriting and a minor in psychology. Justus has spent the last four years working in film production. His projects have ranged from blockbusters to indie projects. Justus has worked in many roles during this time, including assistant director, set lighting, and with the location’s department.


Justus thrives working on set and around production. When COVID began to affect the industry he loves, Justus stepped up and found a way to contribute to keeping people working. He joined CineMedics and has worked diligently to fulfill his goal of keeping people working. He has learned a whole new set of skills, applying his work ethic to anything he has been tasked with. 


When not working Justus enjoys binge-watching movies and television, as well as working on his scripts. He has several pilot scripts he is very proud of.

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Wendy Navarro

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

Wendy was born and raised in Los Angeles County and is a first-generation American. She attended Moorpark College where she earned her associate’s degree in Natural Science as well as a second degree in Social and Behavioral Science. She then transferred to California State University of Channel Islands where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Science. 


Wendy worked for a community-based health service while working towards her bachelor’s degree, and even after. There she helped address and solve the problem of numerous patients, through resource allocation. She also took care of any patients that only spoke Spanish. 


Wendy has always had a passion for helping people. This desire to help, coupled with her desire to always keep learning, motivated her to be more hands-on, rather than only helping patients through a phone. Therefore, she decided to earn a phlebotomy license. She worked as a phlebotomist prior to the pandemic, gaining crucial hands-on experience. As Covid-19 cases kept rising, and new variants kept spreading, she knew she had to help in any way possible. This lead her to CineMedics.


Since joining CineMedics Wendy has learned a multitude of new skills, and is able to see her hard work pay off firsthand. She has quickly become a valued member of the team. 


When not at work, Wendy likes to spend time with friends, binge-watch shows and documentaries, and go bowling. She also loves to travel abroad and learn anything and everything.


Kathy 'Flash' Nolan

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

Kathy was born in Spain and grew up in a military family. She traveled for the first nineteen years of her life with her family before settling in Auburn, NY. Kathy graduated with an AAS in Criminal Justice/Police Science in 1994. She eventually obtained her EMT certification and began to volunteer in rural EMS. By 1997, Kathy was paid staff at Rural Metro Medical Services where she began a distinguished career. She became a Paramedic in 2000.

Kathy earned the nickname ‘Flash’ in 1998 on the scene of a fatal motor vehicle accident. While on scene working diligently to save lives, a photograph of Kathy mid-stride running landed on the front page of the local paper. Naturally, this image earned her the nickname ‘Flash’ and it has stuck ever since. Kathy went on to become a supervisor, field training officer, preceptor, and CPR/PALS/ACLS instructor. She also cross-trained to work in the dispatch department. Kathy worked in EMS for twenty-two years before working at the hospital as an Emergency Care Tech.

Kathy’s wealth of knowledge, supervisory experience, and tenacious work ethic have led to her becoming a very valuable member of the CineMedics team.


Simbi Shennaike 

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

A Bronx native, Simbi joined CineMedics in Georgia after serving just shy of eight years in the United States Army. She received her A.A. degree in General Studies at Central Texas College while serving as a Soldier. She then went on to receive her B.A. from Columbia College, majoring in Human Services. Simbi is currently working on her dual-master degree from Webster University, majoring in Business Administration, and Human Resources Management. 

Simbi brings over nine years of professional experience in both the government and civilian sectors. Her extraordinary teamwork is invaluable to CineMedics, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done while maintaining a positive attitude under intense pressure. She promotes respect and the dedication of co-workers and support personnel, delivering extraordinary quality customer service along with a high-caliber skillset infused with an outstanding work ethic.

Outside of work, she enjoys shopping on Amazon Prime, traveling, watching TV, and training in the gym. 

Vicki Profile Shot.jpeg

Vicky Concepcion

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

A Bronx native, Vicky comes to CineMedics after a successful career in Business Management, managing a pharmacy store for ten years. She attended John Jay College, majoring in criminal justice. When the pandemic began, Vicky showed initiative and a desire to help keep people safe and working, training diligently in both the field and lab. 

Vicky prides herself on her excellent customer service and leadership skills. She has proven herself to be not only capable of handling the high-volume demands placed on her, but also in showing selflessness and reliability, helping to establish CineMedics’ strong reputation when high volume testing is needed.

Being raised abroad in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Vicky is fluent in Spanish both in reading and writing. Her family, traveling, and enjoying nature are Vicky’s passions when she isn’t working diligently to keep others safe from COVID.

David ONeill.jpg

David O'Neill

Data Compliance Manager

A Syracuse native, David comes to CineMedics with seventeen years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  David has a robust knowledge of the criticality of instrumentation, validation, qualification, data integrity, and compliance. 


Within the pharmaceutical industry, David has been in a number of roles including laboratory IT, warehouse technician, instrument lead, and manager. David has led teams in the operation and maintenance of over 1000 laboratory instruments consisting of portable, non-portable, and computerized instrumentation.  He has participated in multiple regulatory inspections as a subject matter expert for instrument-related activities.  


David has enhanced multiple QC instrument processes including the instrument calibration program, computer system validation process, and electronic notebook implementation project.  He was a project lead in relocating the quality control laboratory to a new physical laboratory location. This involved the movement of hundreds of non-portable instruments while maintaining their qualified state. 


David has now brought these skills to CineMedics full-time, becoming the Data Compliance Manager.  David’s experience helps to ensure that CineMedics is continuing to meet the regulatory requirements for laboratory testing. Dave also is playing a key role in researching and developing future technologies that will keep CineMeddics on the cutting edge of the industry for years to come!


Outside of work, David enjoys all types of games including board games, yard games, video games, and introducing gaming to his toddler.

unnamed (3).jpg

Gary Santorelli

Human Resources Lead/Field Operative/Clinical Technician
B.B.A General Management, A.A.S Media Communications

Gary is a Syracuse, NY native who comes to CineMedics with a wealth of knowledge. His versatile background in both communications and business management have helped Gary quickly prove himself a valuable asset. Gary contributes both in the field performing testing and lab assistance as well as in the office where he serves as the lead of human resources.


Gary’s flexibility, work ethic, sense of humor, and empathy, personify the kind of qualities CineMedics looks for in an employee. Gary comes to Cinemedics from the world of payroll, with over nine years of experience. He provided hundreds of clients with exemplary service, dedication, and professionalism and enjoys being able to bring that to CineMedics. 


When he’s not working Gary enjoys being the stepfather of an incredible son. Gary appreciates being able to work alongside his wife Tia, and the two prove a formidable team for whatever project they are assigned to.

Drake Profile 1.jpg

Emily Drake

Field Operative/Clinical Technician/RN

A.A.S. Nursing, A.A.S. Media Communications,

A.S. Audio Recording Technology

Emily is a native of Syracuse, NY, and has had a diverse journey on her way to practicing medicine. Emily initially began in the music and film world, majoring in Audio Recording Technology while earning her first of three associates degrees in 2010. She then went on to become an Electronic Media Communications graduate in 2012. 


Emily worked in customer service for over ten years while still pursuing her passion for audio with side projects. Eventually, Emily made the difficult decision to move out of state in order to pursue a growing desire to help people. In 2021 Emily graduated from Galveston College with a degree in nursing. While on campus she gained invaluable experience as a COVID-19 screener and Special Services worker where she learned ADA requirements. 


CineMedics presents a unique opportunity for Emily to be close to the production world she has come to know while practicing as a medical professional. Her knowledge of both worlds makes Emily a versatile and valued member of the CineMedics team!

Kampf Bio Pic

Gerard Kampf

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

Gerard is a Syracuse native that started practicing medicine in 2006. Joining the  U.S Navy as Hospital Corpsman, serving with the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines. Gerard trained as Field Medical Service Tech and Preventative Medicine Tech. In these roles he performed field sanitary measures, provided emergency medical care to field or combat casualties, routine sick calls, medical/casualty evacuation procedures, STD/communicable disease counseling, conducted disease vectors, and conducted a bacteriological analysis of food, water, and ice. 


After transferring to reserve service he ran multiple training sessions for  Sailors in Land Navigation, TCCC/CLS, and general field operations. While serving with U.S Navy Reserves he provided annual training support for Naval Hospital Portsmouth where he assisted with pain management and preventive medicine. 


Gerard was able to serve with the New York State Naval Militia during Hurricane Sandy relief in NYC. Gerard also is a New York EMT-Basic. 


When Gerard is not bringing his wealth of knowledge, compassion, and attention to detail to patients, he enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi novels and is an avid gamer of board and video games. 


Shane Hyre

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

New York raised, Shane worked his way through Onondaga Community College before transferring to an Ivy League school at Cornell University. He went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Teaching in 2009.


Shane then selflessly helped others, serving two full years in AmeriCorps. During this time he worked with underserved adolescent populations in the New York City area. Shane helped to provide them with safe, challenging, and positive outdoor experiences in the Catskill Mountain Region.


He continued work with outdoor education in New York through 2013 before moving to Southern California. Over seven years there, he coordinated the weekly outdoor education experiences of 50,000 California students in the San Bernardino National Forest. Working in the mountains and with children can be unpredictable, but Shane was up to the challenge. He made a ten-year career of shaping that hard work into productive and positive experiences. Every year he supported the growth and training of 50 staff who worked with 200 new students each week.


Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic has exercised his professional toolkit - pivoting to keeping people safe and helping to encourage and educate them through his work with CineMedics.   


In contrast to a career and lifestyle dominated by outdoor experiences and cross country travel, Shane enjoys being indoors is an avid film buff in his free time. He is always eager to talk about the topic.

Edward May Profile Pic.jpg

Austin May

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

Austin is a man of many talents. Throughout his early years, he lived in multiple cities along the east coast before spending the majority of his adolescence in Richmond, Virginia. As with many of his CineMedics colleagues, Austin took a path of hard work and dedication to whatever he put his mind to on his path to working in the clinical setting. 


Austin's passion is cooking. While in college he made it a goal to become an executive chef by the age of thirty. In order to reach that goal, Austin had to diversify his skillset beyond what he had ever imagined. He learned what it means to be a friend and a teacher. He had to be willing to pull up his sleeves and help out with plumbing, electrical, and woodworking. Most importantly, Austin learned that to achieve one’s dream means being willing to take on whatever life throws at you. After fifteen successful years in the food service industry, he was ready to continue his professional growth with something new. 


In 2020 he decided to make a shift in careers, working to help protect the public through his efforts with CineMedics. Austin loves being able to help keep people safe and provide a true impact on people’s lives. He enjoys continually working in a team environment and the fulfilling work that the company performs. Each and every team member feels more like a family member.


Austin enjoys bringing his exemplary customer service, hard work, and dedication to whatever he is doing for the company. He is looking forward to expanding his knowledge and skillsets as the company continues to grow.

Alex Klein Bio Headshot.jpg

Alex Klein

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

Alex Klein is a Syracuse, NY native and graduate of Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications. With a degree in Documentary Studies & Production, Alex brings production knowledge and a willingness to teach his film world knowledge to a diverse team of medical professionals. Alex started as a Production Assistant with CineMedics, but quickly showed an aptitude to cross-train and take on new roles, now working as a Field Operative and Clinical Technician.


Throughout college, Alex competed in Track & Field and Cross Country, worked in customer service at his local grocery store, and worked diligently to complete his degree on time. With years of customer service experience, Alex prides himself on his ability to multitask and perform new roles at a high level. This is a perfect match for the work that Cinemedics provides.


When not at work, Alex likes to spend his weekends going for runs, and hiking with friends, finding new places to explore. Most importantly, Alex likes to unwind by spending time with his cats.

Bio Pic 1.jpg

Sam Schuman

Field Operative/Clinical Technician

A transplant from Albany, NY Sam has lived in Syracuse since 2015. He has been working in EMS since 2008, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology from the University at Albany.


Sam has worked as a paramedic in rural, suburban, and urban EMS systems for almost 10 years and spent some time on a helicopter as Flight Paramedic. His thousands of hours of experience and training provide him a well rounded approach to any and all problems that could arise.

When the COVID-19 pandemic swung into full force, Sam was working as an Emergency Care Technician in a local Emergency Department. His extensive experience caring for patients with COVID-19 have prepared him to meet new challenges and provide the best possible care for any and all that may need it.

Sam is also and avid fan of science fiction, engineering, and innovation. He is almost constantly looking for new ways to solve problems and optimize anything he encounters.

Sally Gregory (1).png

Sally Gregory

Field Operative

Living on the Seacoast in New Hampshire, Sally can usually be found in or near the ocean! She earned her BS in Outdoor Education from Houghton College in 1987 and has been working n the field for 32 years.

Sally’s leadership style was developed when she began work at Wolfcreek Wilderness School in the north Georgia mountains, where she was an Instructor and Course Director for backcountry programs ranging in length from one to thirty days. She led students on backpacking expeditions, whitewater canoeing trips, and rock climbing programs, always with a heavy doseof building a cohesive group and strong team. From there, Sally instructed one-seven week
wilderness expeditions at the Wilderness School in Connecticut and Hurricane Outward Bound before landing at New Heights in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where she was the Adventure Coordinator for 25 years. With her course area being wild areas in New England and upstate New York, as well as the Southwest USA, she instructed students to rock climb, surf, ski and snowboard, hike, and camp.

While prevention of injuries and accidents is always on the forefront of her mind, encouraging students to take acceptable risks that are inevitably life changing follows closely behind. Sally’s strong suits are teaching students to be self-reliant, to push past their perceived limits, to develop their leadership skills, and to always look out for each other. Empathy is a top priority.

The unbelievable opportunity to work with CineMedics is very exciting to Sally, as being a part of a dynamic, hard-working team is the backbone of what she has done and thrived on her entire career.

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Melissa O'Neill

Administrative Director

Melissa is a Syracuse, NY native. She attended SUNY Buffalo State earning a Bachelor of Science in Education, concentrating in mathematics. Melissa comes to CineMedics with over ten years of experience in the insurance industry. She managed teams and projects specializing in workers’ compensation.

This experience helped Melissa gain invaluable experience in project management, organization, and customer service. Melissa prides herself on her work ethic, organizational skills, and ability to calmly assist others under pressure. She is always pushing the CineMedics teams to improve through continued education. 

Outside of work Melissa enjoys traveling with her husband and son. Melissa also loves baking, playing board games, and watching movies with friends and family.

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Ashley Brault

Data Controller/Field Operative/Clinical technician


A New York north country native and Syracuse transplant, Ashley is one of CineMedic’s hard-working unsung heroes. Ashley is a NY Paramedic, graduating from the Paramedic Program at Upstate Medical University. She enjoys helping bring high-quality emergency medicine to the people of Onondaga County. Prior to that, Ashley worked at Champlain Valley Physician’s Hospital where she was Critical Care Tech and Clinical Assistant for ten years. In 2020 she came on full-time to CineMedics, providing much-needed administrative corporate support. 


Ashley has been instrumental in helping provide the required data to government agencies. Ashley prides herself on being able to adapt to whatever changes come her way as requirements and regulations change. She is a capable multi-tasker and is able to perform whatever task is assigned to her as CineMedic’s needs change. Whether it is performing testing, coordinating clients, or data management, Ashley is up to the task. 


As the mother of an autistic son, autism is a topic close to Ashley’s heart. Ashley works hard to support autism awareness, raising funds for charities such as the Autism Research Institute.


Mark Helmer

HIPAA Compliance Officer/ DPO (UK)

Business & Clinical Associate/Field Operative/Clinical Technician

EMT-P, A.A.S. Electronic Media Communications

A Syracuse native, Mark began working full time at fifteen years old while homeschooling. He had invaluable life lessons and work ethic taught to him by both his father as well as several father figures. They taught him to get his hands dirty, treat the lowest level work and workers with respect, and never think you are too good to do what is needed to get the job done. 

Mark earned his AAS in Electronic Media Communications in 2006. He worked in radio and television production for several years as a freelancer. He worked as a grip, parabolic microphone operator, and eventually as a camera operator. Live sports productions were always where he enjoyed himself the most. Setting up heavy, technical equipment with some of the salty characters of the production world was always fun, even though it could be intense. He also spent time as a photographer and satellite/microwave truck operator for local news. 

While Mark enjoyed media production, he longed to help others. Mark became a New York State EMT before studying to become a paramedic, graduating from SUNY Upstate Medical University. He went on to become a Field Training Officer and preceptor. Being a paramedic gave Mark the opportunity to help others in a way that truly gave him career fulfillment for the first time in his life.


After serving for over ten years as a paramedic first responder, Mark began helping in building the early foundation of CineMedics. Eventually, Mark was assigned as Business & Clinical Assistant where he has been working diligently to help CineMedics continue to grow and flourish. Mark prides himself on being able to quickly learn and follow through on whatever he is assigned. Whatever your needs are, Mark is here to find a way CineMedics can help!

In his spare time, Mark is a dedicated father of two children, a husband of over fifteen years, and a devout preacher. Mark enjoys ministry work, being a self-proclaimed nerd king, and finding ways to inject humor and life into the world around him.


Steve Watson

EMT-P/Technical Advisor

A native of Northern New York, Steve earned his Bachelor’s degree in Information technology from SUNY Canton. In 2015, he earned his EMT-Basic, and quickly went on to earn his Advanced EMT a year and a half later. He has spent the last 5 years working for various EMS agencies as an emergency medical provider, as well as honing his leadership skills as a past Deputy Director of Medical Operations at the Village of Manlius Ambulance Service. Steve also serves as a volunteer firefighter, with experience in fire prevention, fire suppression, and various rescue services.  Steve is currently earning his Paramedic certification through Upstate Medical University. Steve has also served as an EMS educator, teaching the next generation of EMS providers the tools of their trade. Steve has been working as a set medic since 2018, and loves working with the production teams here in the Syracuse area.  Steve works as a Clinical Informatics specialist for a large hospital system in Syracuse, NY helping to improve clinical workflows, and enhance performance improvement initiatives. 


Steve has received training in Hazardous Materials Emergency Response, Fire Suppression, Rescue services (including water rescue, low angle rope rescue, elevator rescue, and motor vehicle extrication), mass casualty incident response, and multiple FEMA incident command certifications.

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Nichole Waller Jacques

Administrative Assistant/State Reporter/Lab Technician/PBT (ASCP)

Nichole is a native to the Western New York and Southern Tier regions of New York. The oldest of seven children, Nichole grew up on a farm raising cows. Hard work is a way of life on a farm, and one that set Nichole up for future success. Eventually, she came to reside in Central New York in 2016.


After becoming a certified phlebotomist, Nichole worked in an emergency department where she gained invaluable experience. She enjoyed the fast-paced, high-intensity, and demanding nature of healthcare. She has a passion for learning and taking on new challenges. 


When Nichole isn’t working she enjoys being a cat mom to three, and a loving wife. 


Chris Jacques

AEMT/Field Operative

A lifelong resident of Liverpool, Chris got his start with the Onondaga Community College’s Emergency Services Organization a Public access defibrillation Team which provided Immediate care to students and faculty that where in need of medical assistance. While at Onondaga Community College Earning his Associates degree in Emergency Management, Chris became an active member in both a local ambulance corps (2010) and fire department (2012).


Chris brings to the table more then 10 years Of EMS experience in both rural, suburban, and Urban EMS systems as well as 8 Years of experience in rural and suburban firefighting.  Chris is an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician as well as a current AHA CPR instructor and a stop the bleed instructor. Chris is trained and certified in disaster response, hazardous materials, fire suppression, active shooter incidents and Mass casualty incidents.  Chris has been a set medic since 2018 and has been involved with several productions. Chris still holds a full-time job with a local high call volume ambulance company, and is still a highly active member in a local volunteer fire department.  Chris also assists with local EMT courses as lab instructor, and mentors’ new members at both Ambulance corps and fire department who are looking to become EMT’s.


Dana Huyge

Field Operative

Dana hails from the Finger Lakes region in Central New York. A former professional violist, Dana holds degrees in music from the Universities of Michigan (Go Blue!) and Rochester (Go Yellowjackets!), and continues to lend his musical expertise to his community through his engagement on the Geneva Concerts Association Board of Directors. Highlights of his music career include performing on the Albany Symphony's recording of concertos by Christopher Theofanidis, which won the 2021 Grammy award for Best Classical Instrumental Solo, and partaking in the SHIFT music festival at the Kennedy Center with the same ensemble.

Dana recognized the need for people with a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and desire to help others during the pandemic. This led to him inquiring with CineMedics. Dana has very quickly integrated with the team and become adept at performing testing and lab duties. His attention to detail and adaptability have made him an invaluable member of the team!

In addition to his work with CineMedics, Dana continues to nurture an abiding passion for history and loves discovering more about his Finger Lakes community through the study of architecture. A father of three, Dana enjoys spending his downtime playing outside with his kids, and being a bookworm.

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Junior Field Scout/Contortionist

While the youngest member of the CineMedics team, Noodle has routinely distinguished herself as a highly adventurous and agile member of the CineMedics' field operations team.


She graduated top of her class earning dual degrees in Interior Space Hunting Theory and Philosophy, topics on which she can easily demonstrate and speak at length if you so much as approach her. Her first career path and first love was [REDACTED] while living in [OMITTED] and working with [INFORMATION MISSING].


While at work, she can often be found helping her coworkers by keeping a constant watch, both high and low. You may also find her perched on a coworker's shoulder.


In her free time, Noodle enjoys napping in warm places, singing, marathon-length hunting sessions, sprinting, free-solo climbing, and needlepoint. She can often be found throwing her arms around the shoulders of her coworkers and speaking at length on moral objectivism.